Start again?

When the battery is flat the car won’t start, no matter how good the engine is! In the ‘old days’ it was possible to start-up in three other ways i.e.,

a) jumper leads,

b) push the car (downhill) with a helper, or

c) use the crank handle (remember? – best with a helper, too!).

Getting ourselves started is not always that easy – none of the above automotive methods will work for me, anyway. Well, maybe a push….. We all need a spark, it seems.

In human terms, I believe the technical term for this personal flat-battery syndrome is called ‘lack of personal inertia’ and, luckily for me, I know how to overcome it – most times! I reckon it’s all a matter of the rules I learned at school; I think it was Newton (or was it Archimedes?). Something like: ‘a body at rest is inclined to stay that way unless a force is applied’ and, conversely ‘a body in motion will tend to continue that way until something or other happens’. And both of those definitions actually apply to me, too!

The past few years for most people have been tough, so I can’t claim to have been more sorely affected than others. Yes, caring for a partner with Alzheimer’s at home had lots of stressful, tiring, worrisome times, as many of you know. Even after my wife, Dorothy, went into full-time care at Blue Cross, Box Hill, there was a constant mental tension, almost fear, when I was able to visit. I hasten to add that the management there was faultless from my perspective, and I am happy to endorse it. Now, more than twelve months since her death, I have finally begun to accept my loneliness and have started to find a new way of life.

A big shout-out of praise to all the residents and especially the staff, at all levels and all roles, at all Care institutions! You’ve not only had to contend with staff shortages and lockdowns but also the incredible stress of maintaining the well-being of an amazing range of personal health conditions and personalities! “I dips me lid!”.

As for me, I am aiming to keep walking for at least three Km every fine day, feeding myself with a range of prepared meals and resting when my back hurts! I have nothing to complain about, yet I do! I groan to myself at the petty nature of political discourse but, despite that, I praise my God for all the blessings and support I have received from my friends and family.

So, even if, or when, our batteries are flat and we can’t get started, then perhaps we need use the down-time to pause and literally count all of our blessings. For me, that also means I have to find a way to start my engine and get moving, to stay strong (in mind if not always in body), to be resourceful, and try to be helpful to someone else – that’s my way. It nearly always works……