Special note for Carers!

Are you, as a reader of my story, a carer at home for someone with dementia?

If you are, then you may like to discover and participate in a local project which is part of a study that could bring some immediate benefits to you and your partner. Of course, you would also be adding something to the study of this pervasive and difficult topic of dementia, in a real and mutually beneficial way.

The primary aim of the study is to demonstrate, for the first time, the effectiveness of a 3-month caregiver-delivered, home-based music intervention. It is designed as a short-term study of the behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia.

This home-based intervention will be compared to standard care and will also evaluate the effectiveness of the music intervention compared to a reading intervention.

The study is for people living with dementia and their family (or informal) caregivers.

You can participate in the study if:

– You or your loved one has a diagnosis of dementia OR significant memory problems

– You are, or you have, a family caregiver

– You live together at home.

Rather than me trying to explain the details, I have provided a link (below) which will explain it fully and invite you to participate.

Because I am now single and not in a carer role, this study/project is not intended for people like me, but it may well be exactly an initiative that you (and your partner) would enjoy and benefit from.

So, if you fit the criteria and decide to join up with the study, it will not only add a benefit to yourselves and your daily life interactions, but also contribute to and be part of a larger, international study.

I commend it to you and invite you join this ground-breaking effort!

Here is the link for you to read (and hear) about this activity and how you can register:

               Australia — Homeside – Partnership in dementia care (homesidestudy.eu)