About us and our lives

This Eldermost site was devised and is curated by me, Bill. It was created for a few reasons, such as:

  • a form of occupational therapy for me in my new-found loneliness
  • an outlet for me as I grieved and despaired and sought hope
  • a record of some of the events in our recent years
  • a place to centralise useful internet resources
  • a potential help for myself and others affected by Alzheimer’s
  • a possible source of income to relieve my debt
  • a challenge to learn and discipline my mind
  • a means to reach out to others similarly affected

My life experiences have been shaped by my early years as an only child in a fractured marriage and the tragic death of my mother when I was about 15. In the formative years following, I worked in country Victoria in the dairy and farm industry, then in Melbourne for over 30 years for an international food company in roles including industrial law, employee relations and safety management. With twin boys, then another two boys and a girl, my wife was able to be at home and nurture them whilst I was the breadwinner. After an early retirement, my wife and I ran a small and happy retail plant nursery in a nearby suburb. After selling that business we travelled Australia with a Holden car and a small caravan and enjoyed a few overseas trips. Since then, I continued to pursue my hobby interest in computing and Probus, and my wife, until recently, loved being a member and has been an officebearer in both Probus and View Clubs. We are Christians who have regularly attended our local Anglican church and we share a faith that endures and is a strength that continues to uphold us at all times. Dorothy died peacefully whilst in care, in April 2021.

That’s our story, in a sort of nutshell!