Moving times!

I recently had some discussions with a friend who was moving into care. It reminded me of some notes I made, some years ago, and stored away on my computer. Some of my readers might like to see the aspects that exercised my mind leading up to the time my wife Dorothy went into care. And there was a lot to think about…..

At the time (and preferably before) anyone permanently moves from home there will be people and service providers that need to be advised. So, start early as it can be a formidable task!

Many of us elderfolk still prefer to use the postal system for most of our ‘formal’ or business transactions. We hang on to the concept of having it all ‘in black and white’, but times have changed. The job is actually a lot easier these days with most correspondence now handled electronically and, usually, your email address can stay the same! But, paper accounts still exist and need to be considered when one or both partners are moving house or going into care.

There may also be subscriptions, rates notices, accounts with traders, and other organisations which only send postal accounts or information to you on a quarterly or annual basis. When reponding to them you can often include address changes. Even with a checklist, you are bound to miss a few!

You need a little(?) list: The first thing is to establish just how many institutions you have dealings with, then consider the best method to advise them of the change. Here, below is a ‘moving’ checklist I made up to help me cope. You will need to tailor it to suit your own specific needs, but it might be of help as you start the process of change!

Just add more columns to show: Phone numbers, Date, Contact name, and Notes to suit your needs:

o   Accountant, Financial advisor

o   Income Tax agent: Tax number, last Return

o   Audiologist: Hearing equipment, Supplies

o   Banks /Co-ops: Current a/cs, Term Deposits

o   Finance organisations

o   Cards: Savings/ Credit/ Debit /Loyalty

o   Blood Bank: Notify if a Donor.

o   Car: Vehicle Registration, Insurance

o   Centrelink: review Passwords, Numbers

o   Chemist/s: Prescription records, A/cs

o   Church: Records, Notices

o   Clubs and Societies membership

o   Dentist: future appointments

o   Medical Doctors: General Practitioners

o   Specialists: Cardiologists, Other

o   Medibank/Medicare: Reg numbers

o   Hospitals: notify Outpatient dept?

o   Therapists: Physio, others

o   Ambulance: subscriptions

o   Electoral Rolls: get card from Post Office

o   Fitness class/Gym membership

o   House Alarm: service provider?

o   Insurance / Broker: Car, House, Other

o   Internet provider: see Subscriptions

o   Local Council: Rates, Electoral Rolls

o   Local traders: Dry Cleaner, Florist, Butcher

o   Memberships: Clubs, RACV, Probus U3A, etc

o   Medical Benefits Associations

o   Motor Registration: Cars, Drivers Licence

o   Newsagent: Newspapers, Magazines

o   Optician / Ophthalmologist

o   Schools /Classes / other enrolments

o   Shops: Hire Purchase, Layby, orders

o   Solicitor: Deeds, Wills, Trusts, Doc location

o   Stockbroker: Shares, Debentures, Trusts

o   Subscriptions: Internet, Newsletters, clubs

o   Newsagent, Papers, Magazines

o   Telephone: Landline

o   Mobile: Telstra / Optus / Vodafone, other

o   Unions / Professional Societies, Associations

o   Utilities: Gas, Water, Electricity

o   Work/Volunteer work: advise organiser.

If you have time before the move, perhaps you could print-off (say four to an A4 sheet) a ‘Change of address’ slip – something like below, tailored to your circumstances:

 Maybe print four on an A4 sheet, then cut them up and staple to the next appropriate account when you send it off.

Now….. think through other aspects of your current lifestyle that will need to be reviewed.  Write them down!

All the points listed above might not suit your circumstances, but some of them will almost certainly apply. Try to get some help, a second or third opinion is likely to be useful!

Take time to think about other aspects of your present activities, possessions, and needs.

Think deeply, hasten slowly!