First day of……

Every morning when I awake it so tempting to roll over and stay there. Just a few more minutes and, I admit, I sometimes do! Then, fortunately rarely, I occasionally don’t wake until mid-morning and startled by the lateness, almost bound out of bed feeling ashamed of my slothfulness! I rationalise and think “well, I must have needed that rest”, knowing full well that tonight I will be so refreshed I won’t be able to get to sleep and toss and turn half the night. The wages of sin!

What I do try to live up to is the mantra “This is the first day of the rest of your life” and then try to accept that and keep it uppermost in mind all day. Well, of course, on many days as soon as I’ve breakfasted, I’ve forgotten that resolution and started to feel sorry for myself, again! Fortunately, most days I can hang on to that positive mental attitude (PMA) and my first job is to look at my diary (yes, I keep a written diary to remind myself of the things that must be done or paid) and begin the day’s chores; mostly almost enjoying them and just being active. Living alone as a sort of ‘fussy/tidy’ person, thanks to my dear Dorothy’s tutelage, I find there are always housekeeping and other jobs to keep me off the streets……and so my day begins.

While I am still well enough, I do like to go walking, and over the past twelve years or so I have walked and explored all the big and little streets around where I live. In earlier times, and when Dorothy was with me, we would often drive to other metropolitan parks and trails to walk for an hour or so, finding plants and gardens and new trails, often stopping somewhere for a coffee or even lunch. The current coronavirus restrictions at this time preclude me from those sorts of excursions and, even walking alone now, I don’t venture out to anything other than the same old nearby streets. Like everyone here in Melbourne (and isn’t that almost everywhere?), I am looking forward to ranging further afield, soon.

Meanwhile, I now take each day as it comes, I try to be a joy to someone, anyone, if I can, to be grateful for what I have, to keep active, even busy if possible, with housework, gardening, reading, or whatever (not cooking!). That philosophy works for me, most days. Why not join me and try enjoying the first day of the rest of your life? (What’s ‘PMA’ again?).