Start or finish?

As we happily move forward from our lockdown era we will, all of us, emerge into a changed world, where everything is the same but different! For me, it means I can now visit Dorothy at any time, just as it was at the start of the year. Little else is different in my world, it is finishing almost as it started, and it seems like I have just been ‘treading water’ during that time. Potentially, those months were an opportunity for me to do some housekeeping and have a big ‘throw out’ of unwanted ‘stuff’ but, I admit, little was accomplished!

Dorothy, fortunately, was blissfully unaware of my inactivity at home during the lockdown but, as always, was happy to see me whenever I’m in her ‘moment’ – no matter about my absent times. That is a blessing for her – she appears to not miss me when I am not there – but I still miss her presence with me, every day. I am hoping that as the restrictions continue to ease, I will be able to take her out for a drive and walks in some nearby parks, as before. They are always joyful times and, even if we can’t converse in any meaningful way, it’s always a treat for us both to have a ‘quiet togetherness’.

It seems her Alzheimer’s is unchanged and, apart from some moments when she unexpectedly and briefly weeps, she is in good form at present, full of ready smiles and happy to take my hand. She is sometimes dozy when I arrive, and I guess that’s the tranquilising result of her minimal medication designed to help her to cope with long days and nights in that environment. Now with restrictions eased, I am sure the home will resume all the happy activities and outings they so capably arrange.

Yesterday was the first time for months that Dorothy’s Care home was able to provide much in the way of communal activities so the singalong ‘Concert in the sun’ with an excellent visiting vocalist entertainer was a real hit. We (me, too!) were all hatted-up and appropriately distanced as we sat in a courtyard beneath the trees and enjoyed the music, and a pleasant outdoor afternoon tea! The staff also encouraged us to sing, even dance, ensuring we all had an incredibly happy time as we emerged from our lengthy hibernation!

Queen Elizabeth described 1992 as “annus horribilis”, but surely 2020 is also seen in the same way by most of her subjects! Never mind, the finish of it is in sight now, as we prepare for a different Christmas and look forward, with hope and prayers, for a fresh and healthy start in the New Year.