Another New Start!

What I like about calendars is they enable us to live our lives in bite-sized chunks!

And it gives us a sense empowerment to make momentous decisions once a year: to eschew the wasted efforts of the past, to learn and to build on the best aspects. The irony is that we can (and should?) do that every day! There is a road paved with good intentions….

However the new year does provide an excuse, indeed a reason, to think about where we’ve been and consider where we‘re going. And it’s also a good time to remember others: our families, our friends and neighbours, and those who’ve had a tough year – – for a multitude of reasons: personal health issues, fire, floods, bereavement, and other trauma.

Sometimes, even trivial events in our past year can seem like a personal burden and we need to be resilient and forgiving; to be sensitive and sympathetic to the plight of anyone we know who has been emotionally hurt on any level, even ourselves….

Facing reality in life can sometimes be daunting, certainly dealing with Alzheimer’s presents a real-life dilemma. I can never forget my family Christmas, years ago now, when our family agreed that Mum’s condition was worsening and she needed a different kind of care than I could manage. My world was changing, yet again, that year. So, at this time in particular I think of others like me back then, and I feel for them as they face a new year with a different view – and lifestyle.

As we close off any year, it is a useful time to review how we coped, or triumphed, or failed, and then resolve to start off with a new perspective on life. Some folk will just quietly and internally meditate or maybe will feel the need to verbalise or set their intentions down in writing. Others like me will attend at a Church service and thank God for past mercies and blessings, and for the given strength of prayer to help us be steadfast.

Whoever, whatever and wherever you are, if you are reading this and seriously wondering how you are going to cope with a new year and are floundering, please seek some help. Start with family and move on through to your doctor; if you’re in doubt and troubled, make a phone call to one of the help lines, like: Get mental health support – Beyond Blue or call a Counsellor on 1300 22 46 36.

The chances are, if you are reading this, that you are a self-starter and all you need is to take a little time-out to think through ‘where you are at’. Now is always the right time to take stock!

As you close off this year, whether a Carer or not, remember to look after your own well-being! Be kind to yourself; only then will you be able to be a blessing to those who you care for, and to those who care for you.

So, be kind to yourself: that’s my wish for us all, no matter what our circumstances.