Alleviate the suffering

Firstly, let me say that I understand not everyone survives COVID, and my sympathies are with those families who know that only too well. Most people, fortunately including me, survive it, here in metropolitan Melbourne, and this is a simple story of how I am getting through it.

My personal experience of it started, as for most folk, with just minor ‘cold’ symptoms which just got worse. Of course, they always feel worse when you can’t grizzle and moan about how crook you are to someone! Living alone does have a few disadvantages, and that’s one of them. I had been given a free pack of tests by my pharmacist – and have been able to see a happy, negative display line on the little pad on numerous previous occasions. But, feeling unsociable and slightly miserable, I thought I’d better test again; this time was to re-assure myself it was merely man-flu, a ‘cold in the head’.

I watched, spellbound, as the first all-clear marker emerged, then goggle-eyed as the second line materialised. I closed my eyes for a couple of seconds, willing the image to change. I repositioned my spectacles and looked again. Then, from my elevated health-righteous position, I came down to bare earth with a thud! There they were: the two significant, perfectly positioned red tram tracks across that little plastic pad! Panic! Repeat test! Same result!

What do I do now? What’s next? Where did it come from? Do I need help? Who? What?…. The questions were swirling in my mind. I couldn’t think clearly. Finally, my strained sanity started to subside (and of course, that explained why I’d had such a dreadful toss and turn, sleepless night….). It took a little while until I was able prioritise a sequence of responses: Firstly, who should I notify? Think… Doctor. I rang the office of my GP, left a message for her, and asked the receptionist “…what next?”. Easy, nothing else to do! That didn’t sound right, to me, even in my befuddled condition. Surely I needed to be added to the statistics? I did a little internet searching and, quickly and easily, discovered of course I DID need to report it. So accomplished that quite easily and instantly became another statistic! As I completed that task, I couldn’t help thinking about how deadly this infection could be…

Then my doctor rang ME! I think perhaps that is only the second time ever, and she was helpful and supportive. Nothing to worry about. Hmm, alright for some… but, here, it’s me…. I’m dying…. Is it possible that my use-by date could be nigh (I’ve already passed the ‘best before’). Fortunately, I can now say my doctor was right, and upon a calmer and more logical self-analysis, I didn’t really feel that bad! But that was the beginning and, as it turned out, the way it’s going to stay till next week, and sleepless nights had just begun. I think the worst is over, and I’m at ‘night no. 5’.

I had a lovely shower today, changed out of PJs into real clothes and made up the bed with fresh linen. The washing machine has been busy, too! Crosswords, some good Netflix, an interesting book, some writing, organising and preparing, and eating meals, and coping with the odd phone call – all of that is keeping me busy. I have no desire to go anywhere at present, especially as I can see out through the window that It’s raining …..

And that reminds me, yet again, of all those Australians, north of where I live, who are still suffering from the horrible destructive and ongoing devastation to their lives because of too much of that wet stuff. Indeed, some of us have much to be thankful for. With that in mind, I will dig into my savings and donate some funds to help alleviate the burden of those who are really suffering because of those floods; and I encourage you, my readers, to do the same if you can! Click here: Qld and NSW Floods Appeal | Australian Red Cross