Turn the page?

One day is not like the rest! Yesterday is gone, today is almost over and, tomorrow – well, tomorrow will be here before we know it! So, while it’s always good to look and plan ahead, sometimes unplanned, unexpected ‘things’ can be hiding around the corner and catch us unawares, and that happened to me a few days ago. I am usually well occupied with plenty to do but, you know, “Idle hands make fretful minds” which also means being miserable and unprepared for what’s coming up!

I have my own little saying, “If you look inwards you can’t look ahead”. I sometimes forget it!

A few days ago, all I could see was the ‘here and now’ inside my head; it all looked dismal, and I was such a sad case when I wrote my last entry here. I was sad, the weather was awful, Dorothy seemed to have regressed and I was not coping very well at all. But what a difference a day can make! Introspection is a great tool to help me analyse where I am, and how I am, and where I am going. But it’s also a place where one shouldn’t stay too long; that’s unhealthy brooding and, for me anyway, can be self-defeating and a sure path to depression and you saw me go along that path with my last blog.

Fortunately, such a frame of mind doesn’t last long with me. I am (well, I think I am!) of a normally happy disposition but, like (I suspect) most of my readers, I do have those ‘down’ days when everything I see and do just seems to be, or go, wrong! And, what I write here has to be honest and be the way I am when I write, which means you see me ‘warts and all’. Today, we are back to ‘living the moment’ and not living in the past, and I hope that those of you who are reading this are ready to march forward with me.

Today, the visiting podiatrist had just finished cutting Dorothy’s toenails when I arrived, and she was in good form. We walked, we sang community songs with her group, we played games, we had afternoon tea together, we visited another couple we know who also live in the same premises. It was a happy visit, and it wasn’t raining when I rode home on my (electric) bike, but It was bitingly cold both ways on that journey.

Now I’m back home and determined to write these words of encouragement, both for me and for my readers. Yes, it’s cold and bleak and getting dark early as winter creeps into Melbourne, but it’s time to open a can of soup, warm and tasty to precede the last serve of home-cooked lasagne kindly provided by our daughter. With that comfort-food in my belly, it will be time to try for a good night’s sleep, ready for whatever tomorrow brings, which will include a Probus meeting via ‘Zoom’ on the internet in the morning, and a long-awaited eye test in the afternoon. That reminds me, Dorothy and I will have been married sixty-two years next Sunday, and that speaks volumes! “Turn the page”, you say? Yep, I can see that page is already full, but this book has more pages to come…..