Flying pigs…

It was always going to be hard to pick a topic for this week’s article – It must not/cannot be about this horrible viral pandemic – there is enough already written, and being written and we continue to learn just how disastrous this could turn out to be! Of course, my wife Dorothy’s Care Home is in lockdown (how quickly we become used to some words) and visiting is carefully restricted. So far, so good, she and the other residents are receiving the best possible care – I am so fortunate that she is where she is! We are both germ-free at present and trying hard to remain so. Another result of this current public health scenario is that, as well as being restricted in visiting Dorothy, my weekly ‘get fit’ class at a local gymnasium has been cancelled. That means I will have to (try and) be very strict with my self-propelled exercises here at home in my padlocked paradise.

We need a little lightness (says I, who is as sad as the saddest!) and I can’t help but add the little pink note below. But before I get too light-hearted, I should be drawing your attention to an annual event which will occur next week (but in a modified way now, I guess). It will be “National Advance Care Planning Week”, from 23rd to 27th March 2020.  One of those topics we should know all about….read more here:  Sadly, some events won’t be able to happen as planned, but there is a wealth of info on their site, so do take a peek at the topics that were planned, and see how they might apply to you and seek help as necessary.

So, now you’ve guessed, I don’t have my own ready-made piece to publish today but the following should suffice, if only to raise some chuckles, which are also in short supply at present!

 A message passed on by a friend: “Our cleaning lady just called and told us she will be working from home and will send us instructions on what to do

I will, like many others, try to be productive whilst being confined basically indoors. Certainly, I will need to keep up exercising and walking outside, weather permitting, but the ‘extra’ time at home could also afford me an opportunity to do a house clean-up! I have a tentative plan to methodically(?) sift through two lifetimes’ accumulation of papers and trinkets and of unused and useless junk that seems to have found its way into every possible storage area in the house and garage.Whatever you are doing, wherever you are, however you are in health, be kind, be prayerful and aware of the needs of others, especially those near to you (but not too near!) and be kind to each other. Our lives were often stressful before coronavirus, maybe you could join me in using this enforced separation to good purpose?

I aim to try to ‘reflect and relax’, and do a stocktake of my life, my attitude, my possessions, my beliefs, my use of time; in short – everything! ………I will try..…but pigs might fly, too!