Eating – the ‘Ins & Outs’

Like most folk, I live a fairly humdrum, featureless, ‘dining’ life – most of the time! Brekky and lunch are no big deal. But the evening meal? More problematic, since it is my main meal of the day. But, every so often, something breaks the tedium of the evening meal regularity and I either (a) actually cook a meal, or (b) heat a pre-prepared packaged meal from the supermarket, or (c) get a takeaway, or (d) go to a restaurant, or (e) get invited to a meal!

I am so blessed to have a daughter living nearby! It means I can keep in touch easily with her and with her husband and my three young grandchildren; they eat really delicious, mouth-watering, absolutely yummy meals (you’ll get brownie points for that, Bill!). And whenever I visit my other four children (somewhat scattered) I also get gourmet meals – thanks, kids!. What’s more, I have the most hospitable and friendly neighbours here at my retirement village. As well as having my feet under their table sometimes, we all meet at our on-site restaurant for a get-together meal each month. Then there’s the catered-for lunch I have with some older church friends each month, and an occasional lunch at a restaurant, or at their home, with other good friends.

And I enjoy having lunch or dinner with Dorothy at her care home, every now and then. It’s a nice bonus, as the food there is really good, and mostly three-course! I have noticed that recently she is having more trouble coordinating the knife and fork routine but when I am there, I can encourage her to deal with whatever is on her plate; appetite is good, though. We also have a latte or a hot chocolate together every few days in the little café-bar lounge there.                        

Wow! No wonder I don’t do much cooking. Almost more ‘outs’ than ‘ins’!

So, now I think about it, many of my meals aren’t humdrum, after all!

I’ve started to write the ‘sequel’ to this, all about my eating routines and how I ‘cater for one’. So, unless you live alone, you can skip the next ‘Eating in’ instalment, if I ever finish writing it!