What does that mean? It means I shouldn’t visit Dorothy for a day or two, or maybe more, because her care-home is in that state of lockdown. We all know older people are more at risk of respiratory diseases – mostly influenzas – and that means me, too! It makes sense for me to “Keep Out” because I certainly will be as vulnerable as most elder folk to colds and chest infections. And I don’t want to put myself, or others, at risk so I’ll keep my distance for a while. Frankly, I’ve been feeling a bit depressed lately, so it will also give me an enforced break; a few days of ‘me’ therapy might enable me to recharge my batteries!

I actually had ‘job’ today: to drive an elderly lady (from church) to an appointment. I felt tired from the time I woke this morning and, this afternoon, when I got back home from my job, I took a ‘nap’. That’s the second time this year and, unexpectedly, I slept for nearly two hours. Then I awoke with a start and bounded from the bed to answer the phone. I hope my friend didn’t discern my sleepy “hello”. I think I managed to sound wide awake for the conversation!  

So, my personal ‘rest period’ had a rude awakening but I must have been somewhat refreshed by it, and the conversation, as I was able to do all but three or four words in the Age quick crossword. Having the Weekend Age delivered was another unexpected joy. My daughter and family gave me a subscription for my 86th birthday, and the first delivery came a week early, just in time to keep me occupied during a lockdown!